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Party Rules

               Most important rule Ė NO MEANS NO. DDeviousDelights has members who are exploring their sexuality and/or their kinky sides at any number of levels. Donít try and impose YOUR desires on them. Asking is fine. Begging works too. But,  NO MEANS NO.  Please respect this and everyone will have a fun time. 

               While you may not find everyone else at the party personally appealing to you, nor do we expect you to, common courtesy goes a long way in allowing everyone to have a good time. There are always enough people in attendance so that, we believe, each of you can find something or someone to pique your interest.  Again, NO MEANS NO.  


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dress code?
No sneakers, jeans, t-shirts, baseball caps, shorts, etc. Dress comfortably and sexy.  There is place to change there for those that wish to wear something more exotic than even NYC streets will allow.  Fetish wear is perfectly acceptable...fantasies encouraged.

What is the age range?
Roughly, the age range is 20s - 50s, with
a predominance in the 25-45 age group. Age is unimportant in our group: open-mindedness, a desire to have fun and honesty play far more important roles.

What time should we arrive by?
Unless otherwise noted, doors open at 10:00PM for most parties. You may arrive anytime you desire after that. Doors close at 1:30AM for admissions at both locations.

What are your hours of operation?
From 10:00PM - 4:00AM unless otherwise noted for a particular party.  

Is there any charge for this party ?
Yes. There is a charge to cover our expenses
. Specific contributions vary by party and are listed on the registration sheet for that event. There is always a significant discount for early registration and pre-payment. Refunds are gladly given if you cannot attend and cancel at least 48 hours prior to the party. Future party credits are given for cancellations received after that point and prior to the party. Advance payments are via PayPal. Some special events have different pricing, as our costs vary, and they will be noted that way on their registration pages.

How do we get to come to one of your parties?
Register and pay online or register online and pay at the door.  Cash only is accepted at the door.

Do you accept credit cards?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards online through PayPal.  We also accept cash at the door . If you don't have a PayPal account, it takes only a few minutes to open one and it is free of charge and very secure.

Do I need to bring anything to the party to be admitted?
No.  You need only bring yourselves and a healthy attitude about having fun.  You need to be able to prove how old you are if we have any doubts.

I see a lot of BDSM type play in the pics and we are not BDSM players. Is this party right for us?
Yes it is!. While many of our friends enjoy varying levels of sensual BDSM play, many have little or no interest. And that is just fine with us. Depending upon where we are hosting, there may be space devoted to this type of play although there is far more space allocated to those just seeking the sexual exploration that DDeviousDelights offers its friends. No one is ever pressured or made to feel like they need to participate in anything that doesn't interest them.  Watching others is perfectly OK too. Hey, You never know ;-).

Can I bring alcohol ?
Yes you may. This is a BYO Party. If you desire to consume any alcohol during the party, please bring it along with you. Once you arrive, our staff will be happy to label your bottle and serve you anytime you require a drink. We just ask that you drink responsibly.

Besides the ability to BYOB do you serve non-alcoholic beverages should we not wish to bring alcohol?
We do indeed supply  juices, mixers and other non-alcoholic beverages FREE.

If we are bringing drinks that need to stay cool, do we have to bring it in a cooler and should it be labeled?
You don't need a cooler and we will take care of the labeling of the bottles so they don't get confused with other peoples drinks.

Where are you located?
We currently host in both Manhattan and Brooklyn on different weekends. We give out the exact address to those that have confirmed reservations. 

Do I have to DO anything if I come ?
NO. You don't. While we expect that most people are coming with the intent of finding compatible playmates and enjoying their time there. If you are new and unsure and want to come and see what a party of this sort can be like, we welcome you to come and observe and jump in if and when you are ready to do so.
We have also found that larger parties end up being far easier for people just starting out as there is no implied expectation that you will participate as might be the case in a smaller gathering. Feel free to come and browse what we have to offer.

I would like to attend your party. How quickly can the online registration form be processed so I'll know if we can attend? We are coming in from out of town and would like to know before we get there. How far in advance should we register?
You should register as early as you can before the party date.  Assuming there is still available space, we will accept online reservations and payments until 6PM on the day of the party. If all available spaces have been filled, the reservation page will no longer be active or you will be asked you join a waiting list as there are usually last minute cancellations.

We may be in the city after a party that day. Can you give us the address and can we register in person?
You MUST register for the party. We do not allow walk-ins. When you register, you will receive a confirmation email with directions the week of the party.

Is it okay to cancel our reservation?
Yes, but please give us as much notice as possible so that we may include another lucky couple in your place. ANYONE WHO HAS PAID AND NEEDS TO CANCEL WILL RECEIVE A FULL REFUND. Cancellations MUST be received by NOON WEDNESDAY prior to the party and refunds will be processed after the party. Credits for future parties are issued after that point. Please retain your cancellation confirmation should there be any questions.

What is the process for bringing a female guest to the party?
The female should make a reservation as a single online just as you need to do. That way, you will all be recognized in our computer system and we will be able to invite her to future parties. You may also register as a trio. Same price either way.

What is your definition of a "couple?"
The term "couple" does NOT have to mean married. A relationship that exists, at whatever level, is all that matters in our fairly loose definition. We strongly suggest that couples discuss what is and is not acceptable for you and your relationship BEFORE you come to the party. Many couples agree to not do anything on their first visit, just come and see what it is all about. Come and try us out and see what the reactions are.

Do you have lockers or a coat check where we can leave our coats? Do we need towels or sheets for your playrooms?
Both our host locations provide lockers, fresh linens and towels and we provide condoms.

Are there any age limitations at your parties?
You must be at least 21 years of age, and prove it to be able to enter the party. That is the lower limit. The upper age limit? As long as you are still able to make it through our doors you can come and enjoy!

I am over 21, but my partner is underage. Can he or she still attend a party?
No. All attendees must be of legal age to enter because liquor, while not supplied by us, is, nevertheless, available on a BYOB basis and we could not be able to control whether or not they are drinking. Wait until your partner is 21 and then come and join us.

How do you handle the risk factors regarding STDs? Do you screen party attendees?
We provide condoms free of charge to everyone who cares to use them. Our house policy is also one of safe sex. We provide clean sheets, towels and more. To screen attendees  would be an invasion of privacy.  Coming to our parties does not necessarily mean you are going to have sex with another person. You may wish to merely dance, or watch or play in other ways - and more. You should ask about an individual's sexual history and trust your own feelings if you do decide to engage in any kind of sexual activity. However, in the end, you are the one responsible for your activities and any consequences that may arise from such activities.

Can we bring toys to the parties?
Sure. The more, the merrier. We supply free electricity too ;-)

Who do we talk to if we have questions?
If you have any more specific questions, please feel free to email  info@DDeviousDelights.com.